Building Generation, for Now and for the Future

The complexities and breadth of the power industry require a wide range of construction experience. The AZCO team covers the gamut in power generation, including plant maintenance, equipment installations, boiler rebuilds, pipe prefabrication and installation, helical pile installation, off-site module build-out, renewable tracker and converter installation, structural steel components, electrical services, machinery relocation and installation, and installation of equipment to support environmental compliance.  

Our experience includes both utility-scale generation of both fossil and renewable generation, and cogeneration plants. We also do prefabrication and construction for overhead and underground electrical transmission lines, as well as for industrial site substations and power transformers.  

Project Types

  • Campus energy and distributed energy resources
    • Combined heat and power (CHP) and cogeneration
    • Microgrids
    • Smart grid
  • Electrical distribution and substations
  • Electrical transmission
    • Overhead and underground
    • Structural steel towers
  • Environmental compliance
    • Emissions controls
    • Plant conversion
    • Plant decommissioning
    • Power generation water and wastewater systems
  • Fossil generation
    • Black start
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage
    • Coal
    • Gas turbines, combustion turbines, reciprocating engines
    • Industrial cogeneration
  • Plant improvements, including electrical, mechanical and structural upgrades
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG) systems
  • Nuclear plant upgrades
  • Renewable power facilities
    • Biomass
    • Energy and battery storage
    • Hydroelectric
    • Solar
    • Wind
  • Transportation electrification

Power Project Experience

AQCS Walkway Modules

Prefabrication of 11 covered walkway modules, including piping, cable tray and wiring, for an air quality control system (AQCS) project.

Biomass Boiler Installation

Installation of a 30-MW biomass boiler and supporting systems, piping and buildings, including bottom as conveyor handling system and load-out facility.

Boswell Energy Center Unit 4 Hot Reheat Replacement

Demolition and installation of monorails and piping, as well as hangers and post-weld heat treatment and machining for a coal-fired steam generator.

Conemaugh Station Tank Prefabrication

Prefabrication of a 12-foot-diameter carbon steel, boron caustic soda tank and an 11-foot-diameter carbon steel, sulfuric acid storage tank for wastewater treatment at a power generation station.

Densadeg Clarifiers Ductwork & Skids

Fabrication of two stainless steel Densadeg clairifiers and a sludge recycle pump skid.

Hugh L. Spurlock Generating Station — Unit 1

Fabrication of 3-inch to 16-inch diameter carbon steel pipe spools for a coal-fired power plant.

Marquette Energy Center

Piping installation, testing and chemical cleaning, as well as lube oil flushing, for a reciprocating engine plant.

Moss Landing Battery Storage

Installation of 310 tons of new and reinforcing steel to accommodate volume and load of new battery storage racks.

Point Beach Nuclear Plant

Multiple key system upgrade projects, including a transformer bridge, circulating water pumps and feedwater pumps.

Prefabricated Skid Assemblies

Shop fabrication of 13 fabricated skid assemblies for the 530-megawatt (MW) Weston 4 coal-fired power plant.

Riverton Power Plant Expansion

Contractor for the aboveground mechanical package for a combined-cycle conversion project, as well as fabrication of P91 chrome-moly and heavy-wall carbon steel pipe spools.

Shepard Energy Centre

Fabrication of two fuel gas inlet filter skids for Mitsubishi's Power Island at Shepard Energy Centre.

Solar Field Installation

Direct-hire contracting for a 51-MW solar array installation, including installation of equipment, pile driving and concrete work.

Towantic Energy Center

Critical piping installation for a new 785-MW combined-cycle electric generating facility.

Urea Production - Dakota Gasification Center

Mechanical work, including pipe installation, equipment erection and ductwork installation for urea production at a gasification plant.


Dan Schuette

Director of Project Development

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