Pipe, Metal and Electrical Prefabrication for Diverse Industries

We provide pipe, metal and electrical prefabrication throughout the U.S., serving power generation, refinery and petrochemical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and general manufacturing industries. We have 83,000 square feet of enclosed shop space dedicated to carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome‑moly and metal prefabrication, including prefabricated helical piles, skids, pressure vessels and tanks.

Pipe Prefabrication

Metal Prefabrication

Electrical Prefabrication

These facilities serve our field construction needs and provide pipe and metal prefabrication to our customers and our partner engineering and construction firms throughout the country. Our segregated shops see that special welding conditions are met for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. Additionally, we self-perform complete heat-treating, blasting, painting and assembly for fabricated pipe spools and welded assemblies, utilizing our own in-house equipment. 

We also use a customized project controls system offering real-time status updates from drafting to scheduling to pricing, serving as one convenient platform tracking progress and details of each spool throughout the prefabrication process.

Pipe Prefabrication

Our shops can complete pipe prefabrication in a range of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys. Our skilled craft can assemble the completed components on-site, making the work in the field more efficient. Our project capabilities include prefabrication of components ranging from half-inch to 90-inch diameter pipe, up to 600 spools per week capacity, and just-in-time scheduling so you can assure delivery at your project site, improve safety and control costs.

Project Experience

Amphibious Base Boiler Plant

Prefabrication of 3-inch to 20-inch diameter carbon steel pipe spools for a U.S. Navy boiler plant.

Biodiesel Crush Plant Expansion

Fabrication of stainless steel and carbon steel pipe spool and vapor duct for a biodiesel crush plant expansion.

Canola Oil Extraction Pipe Prefabrication

Fabrication of stainless steel and carbon steel pipe spools for canola oil processing facilities.

Cove Point LNG Plant

Shop fabrication for the power block, transition, and cryogenic project areas for a liquified natural gas (LNG) plant.

Dragline Mining & Conveying Equipment Fabrication & Welding

Pipe cutting and preparation and equipment welding for mining operations worldwide.

High Tan Crude Turnaround

Fabrication of 316L stainless steel and P5 and P9 chrome-moly pipe spools for the high tan crude turnaround project at the Billings Refinery.

Hugh L. Spurlock Generating Station — Unit 1

Fabrication of 3-inch to 16-inch diameter carbon steel pipe spools for a coal-fired power plant.

Naphtha Hydrotreator Reactor Effluent Piping Upgrade

Shop fabrication for carbon steel pipe spools, P9 chrome piping sppols, stainless steel piping spools and carbon steel utility and process pipes.

Pizza Plant Facility Piping

Stainless steel drain piping, schedule 40 seamless pipe and fittings, welding for floor drain fixtures, outlet piping and carbon steel header piping.

Riverton Power Plant Expansion

Contractor for the aboveground mechanical package for a combined-cycle conversion project, as well as fabrication of P91 chrome-moly and heavy-wall carbon steel pipe spools.

Salt Creek West Loop Buildout

Piping valve set shop fabrication, including gathering systems, injection systems and pipe spools.


Metal Prefabrication

Our metal prefabrication and modular construction shop offers streamlined processes and consistent quality for projects across numerous industries. The shop features two 10-ton cranes with 20-foot hook-to-floor clearance, as well as a robotic structural steel plasma cutter that cuts, copes, notches and splits beams, dramatically reducing project timelines. The shop is designed to allow materials and products to flow through the shop seamlessly and get to the project site. The shop’s individual bays focus on various parts of the prefabrication process, from plate and structure processing to assembly to blasting, painting, and assembly of skids and components. If it’s made of metal, we can make it.

Project Experience

AQCS Walkway Modules

Prefabrication of 11 covered walkway modules, including piping, cable tray and wiring, for an air quality control system (AQCS) project.

Conemaugh Station Tank Prefabrication

Prefabrication of a 12-foot-diameter carbon steel, boron caustic soda tank and an 11-foot-diameter carbon steel, sulfuric acid storage tank for wastewater treatment at a power generation station.

Crane Section Prefabrication

Prefabrication of lattice boom and jib section inserts for multiple crane models, as well as 5-meter tower crane masts.

Densadeg Clarifiers Ductwork & Skids

Fabrication of two stainless steel Densadeg clairifiers and a sludge recycle pump skid.

Prefabricated Skid Assemblies

Shop fabrication of 13 fabricated skid assemblies for the 530-megawatt (MW) Weston 4 coal-fired power plant.

Shepard Energy Centre

Fabrication of two fuel gas inlet filter skids for Mitsubishi's Power Island at Shepard Energy Centre.


Electrical Prefabrication

Although prefabrication for pipe and metal has become common, it is not as common in the electrical and instrumentation discipline. Drawing from our pool of electrical tradespeople, we can build and bend conduit in our shops for a variety of project types, label it and ship to the project site for assembly. We also can provide custom sheet metal electrical enclosures and specialty steel prefabrication.

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