Government, Military & Municipal

Efficiency & Compliance for Government Projects

Navigating governmental project guidelines can be a challenge. Our team has experience completing a range of prefabrication and construction projects for federal agencies, military branches and other governmental entities. Our work in the power, water and transportation industries often includes meeting critical governmental policies and practices.  

Our in-house prefabrication abilities give us an edge in value engineering, helping projects meet stringent budget and quality requirements. 

Client Types

  • Agencies and military branches
    • Federal agencies
    • U.S. Air Force
    • U.S. Navy
  • State, county and municipal governments
    • Municipal power utilities
    • Transportation departments
    • Water departments

Government, Military & Municipal Project Experience

Amphibious Base Boiler Plant

Prefabrication of 3-inch to 20-inch diameter carbon steel pipe spools for a U.S. Navy boiler plant.

Central Heat & Power Plant

Teardown, inspection, cleaning, repair and reassembly of a turbine/generator unit in a central heat and power plant.

Modular Outfitting Facility (MOF) Expansion

EPC team member for the 200-foot expansion of a modular outfitting facility (MOF).


Dan Schuette

Director of Project Development

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