Chemicals, Oil & Gas

Critical Prefabrication and Construction

The markets, regulations and infrastructure needs tied to the chemicals, oil and gas industry are ever-changing. We provide critical prefabrication and construction services for new build, renovation or maintenance of chemical, fuel or gas production refineries and storage facilities. 

Project Types

  • Biofuels
  • Chemicals manufacturing
    • Building renovations
    • Tank installation
  • Midstream facilities
    • Compressor stations
    • Fractionators
    • Refrigeration terminals
    • Export loading
    • Storage
  • Refining
  • Storage and logistics
    • Truck and rail terminals

Chemicals, Oil & Gas Project Experience

Biodiesel Crush Plant Expansion

Fabrication of stainless steel and carbon steel pipe spool and vapor duct for a biodiesel crush plant expansion.

Cove Point LNG Plant

Shop fabrication for the power block, transition, and cryogenic project areas for a liquified natural gas (LNG) plant.

Electrostatic Precipitator Rebuild

Rebuild and return-to-service of an electrostatic precipitator damaged in an explosion

Green Liquor Clarifier Tank Fabrication & Installation

Fabrication and installation of a new green liquor clarifier tank top half.

High Tan Crude Turnaround

Fabrication of 316L stainless steel and P5 and P9 chrome-moly pipe spools for the high tan crude turnaround project at the Billings Refinery.

Naphtha Hydrotreator Reactor Effluent Piping Upgrade

Shop fabrication for carbon steel pipe spools, P9 chrome piping sppols, stainless steel piping spools and carbon steel utility and process pipes.

Refinery Capital Projects

Construction for capital projects including an API separator and three phases of railcar loading system modifications.

Salt Creek West Loop Buildout

Piping valve set shop fabrication, including gathering systems, injection systems and pipe spools.

Specialty Chemical Facility Upgrades

Construction for multiple specialty chemicals facility projects over two decades.


Dan Schuette

Director of Project Development

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