Rotary Car Dumper Dust Collection System

Project Summary

Our team was the general contractor on site for the demolition and installation of the rotary car dumper dust collection system. Work included the demolition of the existing dust collection building, four dust collectors, four fans, and demolition of all existing dust collection ductwork necessary for the new installation.  

New construction included pouring a new slab for the new dust collector and MCC building, installation of the support structural steel, sheeting, and doors, the Air-Cure supplied dust collector, two 300 HP fans, 1-14 gauge inlet and outlet ductwork up to 60-inch diameter, supports, hoods, 984 bags and cages, stair tower and maintenance platforms, fire protection piping, dust conveying piping, instrument air piping, and all electrical.  

We supplied and installed the MCC building structural steel and doors, as well as a new dumper-mounted baffle, push-in containment structure and ski-jump for the existing rotary car dumper. 

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