Refinery Capital Projects

Project Summary

We have provided construction services for multiple capital projects at the Holly Frontier Refinery. 

Since 2015, we have been the plant maintenance contractor. Including outage work, we are responsible for small capital projects, general piping repairs and construction. Projects have included work with the splitter tower, bundle replacement heat exchanger, boiler units, regeneration units and catalyst change out. 

Other projects: 

  • API Separator 
    Installation of pipe supports, cable tray racks and equipment platforms; offloading and installation of new equipment; piping supply, fabrication and installation, including mechanically installing all process valves, instruments and motors; API separator accessory installation, according to IO&M, as well as insulation.  
  • Heavy Products Railcar Loading System Modifications – Phase 4 
    Installation of two upgraded slurry pumps and associated piping including all piping valves, Strahman valves, pressure meters, thermowells and thermometers, RVs, steam and condensate trees, Wika pressure gauges for steam and condensate trees, as well as insulation.   
  • Heavy Products Railcar Loading System Modifications – Phase 3 
    Construction of the AC-10 and AC-20 Loops. The AC-20 lines run between asphalt tank TK-90 and the tie point at the west of the Main Street pipe bridge. Work included installation of the structural steel pipe rack, fabrication and installation of piping, provided material and installed insulation. Installation of asphalt pump 40-1-P-090 at tank TK-090, asphalt pump 40-1-P-052 at tank TK-052 as well as expansion joints and instruments.  
  • Heavy Products Railcar Loading System Modifications – Phase 2 
    Installation of extended gas oil line for the new railcar loading track; installation of a new AC-10 asphalt loop, from asphalt tank TK-52 to the new rail loading rack; installation of the new AC-20 asphalt loop, from the west end of the Main Street pipe bridge to the new railcar loading rack. Installation of a new FCC slurry line, associated service facilities including plant air, steam and condensate lines, miscellaneous civil and structural works, as well as miscellaneous instrumentation, process valves and insulation. 

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