Point Beach Nuclear Plant

Project Summary

Our team has provided construction services for multiple key system upgrades at the Point Beach Nuclear Plant. 

Transformer Bridge 

We are providing fabrication and installation services for a 2X04 transformer bridge, as well as removal and replacement of a 2G-07 motor, and fabrication and installation of four steam generator blow down heat exchangers, including the supply and erection of the bridge crane. Our team also provided shop fabrication of the structural steel for the bridge crane.  

Other projects include removal and replacement of the cribbing and jacking of two steam generators weighing 402 Kips each, miscellaneous security upgrades including Jersey barriers, ballistic plate and razor wire cabling. A sump outage transportation support project included unloading, loading, transporting and being on call 24/7 for support.  

We also provided the T-45 tank installation inside an existing building by installing the tank through two levels and through a stairwell. NRC work included Part 73 Security Upgrade and installation of NSSC designed systems. 

Replacement of Unit 1 Circulating Water Pumps 

Our team removed existing circulating water pumps, existing service water piping and existing expansion joints, then installed new vortex eliminators, sole plates, expansion joints and circulating water pumps. The removal and replacement of these pumps was completed using a 550-ton all-terrain truck crane and a 90-ton rough terrain crane.    

We coordinated several tasks with Underwater Construction Co. (UCC), which was contracted by NextEra for activities that required assistance from divers. Our team subcontracted and managed all electrical work, and our shop fabricated the new anti-vortex cages. 

Feedwater Pumps 

We planned, removed and reinstalled two turbine-driven auxiliary feedwater pumps, suction, feedwater, main steam and discharge piping installation and baseplate grouting. We also completed cross-tie connection feedwater piping and provided the nuclear code pipe fabrication. 

NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light


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