Pizza Plant Facility Piping

Project Summary

We shop-fabricated stainless steel drain piping, including 316L stainless steel schedule 40 seamless pipe and fittings, for a food plant. We also welded long tailpieces on 218 floor drain fixtures and welded and prefabricated long outlet piping. Our team provided over 5,000 linear feet of stainless piping consisting of 3- to 6-inch stainless pipe spools.

Additionally, the team fabricated header piping including carbon steel and pipe shoe material, spool pieces for header piping, and coated natural gas piping. The piping measured between a half inch and 16 inches of carbon and stainless steel, for a total of 15,000 linear feet of piping.

Burns & McDonnell


Project Type

Azco Role
Pipe Prefabrication