Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV

Project Summary

The Phase IV expansion of Pioneer Generation Station adds 583 MW to the existing facility by integrating simple-cycle combustion turbines and reciprocating engines to support load growth. The two technologies are being installed parallel, a half-mile apart, at either end of the existing facility.

Basin Electric selected AZCO and Burns & McDonnell to engineer, procure and construct (EPC) its largest single-site generation plant since the 1980s.

The EPC team effort with Burns & McDonnell established upfront project development efforts, including environmental permitting, collective initial planning, and responsive decision-making to support the engineering, procurement, construction and startup/commissioning professionals on the project.

Our construction scope includes mechanical installation of a series of 18-MW Wartsila W18V50SG reciprocating engines and two 240-MW Siemens STG6-PAC-5000F combustion turbines.

We are installing all the below-grade utilities including piping, tank setting, and electrical duct banks. The above-ground scope consists of structural steel erection, inlet filters, centerline equipment installation, exhaust ductwork and stacks, electrical equipment setting, tank setting, electrical raceway installation, cable/wire pulling and terminations, instrumentation, and miscellaneous balance-of-plant (BOP) equipment setting associated with piping.

Metal Prefabrication Scope

  • 2,100 unique pieces
  • 850 unique assemblies
  • 15,461 separate parts
  • 153,000 pounds of fabricated steel delivered
  • Prioritized fabrication sequencing
  • Collaboration with site and pipe fabrication

Pipe Prefabrication Scope

  • More than 3,000 unique pieces of HDPE, carbon steel and stainless steel pipe
  • More than 33,000 linear feet of carbon steel and stainless steel pipe
  • Pipe diameters ranging from a half-inch to 24 inches

Basin Electric Power Cooperative


Project Type
Prefabrication, Construction

Azco Role
Pipe Prefabrication, Metal Prefabrication