Mine/Mill Piping, Tank, Dust Collection Prefabrication & Construction

Project Summary

Our team completed field construction and prefabrication projects as part of a $280 million investment to clean up historic mine waste and refurbish a nearby plant site. The mill processes nickel and copper ore and performs the concentrations through several stages.

We purchased and installed 42,000 feet of carbon steel piping and pipe supports, valves and fittings for an upper Midwest mining operation. We also installed 18,000 feet of aboveground HDPE piping and equipment including tanks, silos, copper and nickel thickening tanks, pumps, compressors, flotation cells, concentrator building dust collector and ductwork. Work also included the secondary crushing dust collector and dust collection ductwork.

Our prefabrication division self-performed the procurement and fabrication of all the piping as well as the fabrication of all piping supports and dust collection ductwork.



Project Type
Prefabrication, Construction

Azco Role
Pipe Prefabrication, Metal Prefabrication