Kuester & Mihm Generating Stations

Project Summary

We provided self-perform construction services for the F.D. Kuester and A.J. Mihm Generating Stations. The generating stations, located in Marquette and Baraga Counties of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, feature advanced reciprocating engine technology configured to provide flexible, fast-start power that can quickly ramp up or down depending on system demands.

At peak construction, more than 200 skilled tradesmen worked on the two sites. Each site presented unique site civil challenges. Soil conditions primarily consisted of sandy soils. Although these conditions were very favorable regarding structural components, they presented a slope stability issue for excavations and drainage channels. Special considerations were given to prevent erosion and scour. As part of the civil work, approximately 1.5 miles of township road was completely removed and replaced per Michigan Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

The plants have 18-cylinder Wartsila 18V50SG engines with each engine capable of being quickly dispatched separately to balance power demand as needed. Each engine weighs in excess of 300 tons. The engines sit on concrete matts that are three feet thick and have thickened edges to a depth of 5-feet. Special consideration was provided for the large quantities of snow that fall each winter and the extreme ground snow load demand of 70 psf.


  • 10 Wartsila 18V50SG natural gas-fired reciprocating engines 180MW
    • Kuester: 7 engines capable of producing 126MW
    • Mihm: 3 engines capable of producing 54MW
  • Greenfield sites
  • 25% power in two minutes; full plant output in less than five minutes
  • SCR/CO catalyst for NOx/CO reduction, 138-kV switchyard

Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corp. (UMERC) – A subsidiary of WEC Energy Group

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