HBI Production Plant

Project Summary

Our team installed the structural steel pipe racks in the 350, 600, 625 and mist eliminator areas of a hot-briquetted iron (HBI) plant. We also were responsible for the placement, grouting and alignment of all United Association (UA) equipment, main and auxiliary air blowers, primary and secondary gas compressors, seal legs, mist eliminators, and 55,400 linear feet of piping and spiral-wound ductwork ranging in size from a half inch to 90 inches in diameter. 

We also installed all UA equipment, associated process piping, vapor removal ducting, dust collection ducting and associated equipment, as well as the reformed heat duct from the reformer to the furnace tie point. A total of 58,200 linear feet of piping and ducting was installed inside the furnace tower. 

Our role included the offload and erection of the furnace and top gas scrubber — two key pieces of the Midrex technology — and provided rigging guidance for handling these large pieces of equipment, which weigh more than 290 tons. 

We worked closely with the structural steel contractor to modularize the upper 50% of the tower into 5 major modules that were preassembled on the ground and set in location using a Liebherr 13000 crawler crane. Our mechanical teams executed the scheduling and planning for the modules to reduce the risks of working 480 feet in the air.    

Our fabrication division procured, fabricated and coated all primary and secondary pipe supports, piping, and ductwork in our fabrication shop. We also procured all manual valves and specialties required.

Iron Units/Cleveland Cliffs


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