Foundry Equipment & Plant Upgrades

Project Summary

Our team has done repeated structural steel and installation work for Waupaca Foundry at two locations. 

We erected structural steel for a 28,000-square-foot building addition at Waupaca Foundry Plant 1. The project included installing 43,000 square feet of insulation and exterior paneling, 6,700 square feet of 8-inch fire-rated panels, and 28,150 square feet of diamond floor plate.  

At the same plant, we installed structural steel to modify the existing structure to accommodate the size of new equipment coming in during a scheduled shutdown. This comprised 750 tons of steel, including a new roof deck, floor deck and siding. We also relocated three Disa molding lines, raised two 100-ton holding furnaces and installed a new cupola, combustor, recuperator and cooling tower. 

Our team also completed projects during plant outages, including: replacing an existing vertical molding machine; installing a new vertical molding machine and PMC line; and completing a green sand conveying system upgrade. The conveying system consisted of installing seven hoppers, seven feed conveyors, extending a feed belt and discharge belt, and installing a new #4 green sand conveyor with all associated structural steel. 

At the company’s plant in Etowah, Tennessee, we provided demolition services for an existing vertical molding machine, PMC and FHC line. Our team loaded and transported a new VMM machine from where it was built in Waupaca, Wisconsin, to the plant. The VMM weighed approximately 180,000 pounds. We also offloaded the machine and assisted with the installation of all equipment, including alignment and leveling. 

Waupaca Foundry


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