Prefabricated Skid Assemblies

Project Summary

We provided shop fabrication of 13 fabricated skid assemblies for the 530-megawatt (MW) Weston 4 coal-fired power plant. Components included:

  • Building heating condensate return pump skid
  • Demineralized water transfer pump skid
  • Demineralized water booster pump skid
  • Condensate transfer pump skid
  • Recycled slurry water supply skid
  • First stage air preheat water circulation/heat exchanger/glycol circulation skids
  • Station heating heat exchange skid
  • Station heating pump skid
  • Cooling tower makeup pump skid
  • Low head service water pump skid
  • Service water pump skid

Wisconsin Public Service


Project Type

Azco Role
Metal Prefabrication