Conemaugh Station Tank Prefabrication

Project Summary

Our team prefabricated a 12-foot-diameter carbon steel, boron caustic soda tank and an 11-foot-diameter carbon steel, sulfuric acid storage tank for the wastewater treatment systems at Conemaugh Generating Station.

The facility runs on two steam turbines powered by twin year-around 850-megawatt (MW) boilers, each as tall as a 14-story building, using more than 4 million tons of coal annually. The station has two hyperbolic natural draft cooling towers that provide recirculating water to cool and condense the steam to limit the river water needed. The plant, situated near deep mines, uses electrostatic precipitators and low-NOx burners to control air pollution emissions. A wildlife refuge is on the plant site.



Project Type

Azco Role
Metal Prefabrication